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Comparing Facebook Strategies of Leading Apparel Brands

Wimbeldone Adidas CampaignApparel brands on Facebook can be split into two categories, those who are trying to promote their brand  and those who focus on the clothes their brand makes.

Sportswear brands such as Nike and Adidas fall squarely in the first group. They still advertise new releases on Facebook but the bulk of their posts are related to sneaker fans and sports personalities that they sponsor.

Adidas in particular posts a lot of pictures supporting different sports teams, a risky tactic that could end up putting some fans off if they’re fans of the opposing teams. Although, it does seem to pay off with posts supporting such as those supporting Andy Murray in Wimbledon getting  300+ shares and over 7,000+ likes!

Nike however have created a main Facebook page and a collection of pages ranging from Nike Running to Nike Skateboarding. They also repost content from their nice pages on the main page whenever a big event is happening. This is a great way to engage fans who only follow major events or just want a taste of everything that Nike have to offer. It also helps them appeal to hard core sports fans .

Clothes retailers like Zara and H&M take a more direct approach. They also have millions more fans than Adidas and Nike. H&M post a lot of photos showing off the clothes they have in stock. Photos from events are also a favorite of H&M. This gives a little bit of interactivity between the brand and their fans. It is not surprise that the photos posted with questions are a lot more popular with fans.

For an apparel brand it isn’t surprising that Zara posts almost exclusively post pictures of their clothing.  Even when it’s something as simple as telling their fans that a sale has started they do it visually with lavish photos. This approach helps build the brand, exudes class and helps to get fans to share posts with photos.

What Goes Up Must Come DownAs usual the most innovative Facebook marketing practices are happening with newer brands like lululemon athletic which has almost 850,000 likes, less than 10% of the older brands. However, lululemon has a core of intensely loyal fans which they have built up by asking for ides and improvements directly on Facebook as well as replying to a vast majority of comments on their page. These passionate fans often jump to the protection of the brand when people post negative comments .

lululemon don’t just post things to do with the brand, they also post motivational pictures like one showing the popular phrase “What comes up must come down” which garnered 80+ shares and 800+ Likes. This shows that the right strategy and content can give a brand a huge reach.

To better understand the different strategies of leading apparel brands on Facebook we have included images and links to their Facebook pages below. Let us know your thoughts on what brands do the best job of building community and marketing on Facebook?






H & M


Ralph Lauren







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