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5 Steps to Successfully Launch a LinkedIn Group

Launch LinkedIn Group

As a marketing professional, it’s important to utilize the most effective tools to target potential customers while getting the maximum exposure possible.

LinkedIn’s Groups, helps marketers to do just that. When you post content and share your comments they can be seen by hundreds to thousands of people on LinkedIn. One great way to maximum the benefits of your marketing effort is to start your very own LinkedIn Group.

However, with more than 1 million groups on LinkedIn you need to focus on making your group stand out above the rest to ensure that it gets used to its maximum potential.

Here are 5 steps that will help ensure the launch of your LinkedIn Group is a success:

Find Your Niche

Focus on a niche when making your LinkedIn Group. With all the Groups on LinkedIn, you can’t be a jack of all trades. Make sure to focus on your target marketing.

Get Support & Buy-In

Seek out support and get assistance from the rest of your team. If your LinkedIn Group is going to have any chance of being successful, you’ll need support for the idea.

Make a Plan

Don’t dive into the project without having a clear goal or having discussion topics in mind. It’s good to start the group off with some pre-determined topics that are relevant to the industry. Make sure to keeps things fresh and encourages the group to remain active. Follow industry news and jump on the opportunity to addressing market trends when they’re happening.

Actively Neetwork

Expand your network on LinkedIn to encourage those who have an interest in the topics covered in your Group to join and participate. Use the power of social networking to get noticed. Send out information in company blogs or memos and post links on Twitter or Facebook.

Participate in Discussions

Keep the LinkedIn group active and encourage interesting conversations. Participate in the group and don’t leave all the work up to the other members. As the group grows, make it more versatile and appealing to all participants and always make sure to keep the conversations flowing.

In Closing

Follow these important tips when creating a LinkedIn Group to help guarantee success.

Have any other tips on how to make your LinkedIn Group a success? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Author: Matt Fields

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