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An Analysis of IRCE’s Top 10 Brands for User Generated Content on Social Media

Ready Pulse, a social media metrics company, recently conducted a survey on social user generated content among the top ten brands speaking at IRCE. The brands were Crate & Barrel, Fab, Hautelook, Newegg, Skull Candy,, Urban Outfitters, The Vitamin Shop, Jackthreads and Wayfair. The results of the study showed significant differences in the nature and prominence of social user generated content and brand generated content. In most respects, user generated content proved to be much more popular among the brands included in the research.

Social User Generated Content Stats

The research highlighted in the infographic shows that there was 144,572 total pieces of user generated content from only three social media platforms for all of the brands in the study. User generated content accounted for 29x more content  than brand generated content. The majority of the content produced were photos (86,827), comment (44,140), text posts (10,257), links (3256) and videos (92). Out of all of the social media platforms analyzed user generated photos were most likely to be shared on Instagram (85,622) and twitter (1,038). While Facebook and Twitter proved to be another popular option for sharing videos and photos.

Best Content by Brands on Social Media

According to the results of the study Urban Outfitters had both the most engaging photos engaging video on Twitter and Instagram. Jack Threads secured the position of most engaging posts with  engagement score of 52.0. While Skull Candy rounded out the list by winning the most engaging comment category.


The usage of user generated content on social media will continue to be an important and dominate part of brand marketing strategies as the role of social media platforms in society continues to grow. How is your brand approaching social media to ensure you continue to grow and thrive?

The Top 10 Brands User Generated Content on Social Media

‘Infographic Courtesy of Ready Pulse

Author: Syed Usman Hussain

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