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The Most Effective Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms are increasingly being used by different businesses for enhancing their online presence as well as expanding their customer base. Companies must carefully consider which social media platforms are best for achieving their goals. A recent study conducted by Edge examining popular social media outlets and their effectiveness provides valuable insight into selecting the most effective social media platforms for your company.

Social Media Goals

Every company hopes to achieve four basic objectives in its social media interactions. These consist of improving SEO, increasing traffic to their website, creating opportunities for brand exposure and driving customer engagement. According to the findings of the research, Facebook and Google + appear to be most social media platforms for sharing media content such as photos, videos, articles and text messages. Twitter, Reddit, Stumble Upon and Slide Share are also popular choices for these types of media content.

Social Media Platform Userbase

With more than 1 billion users Facebook and YouTube with around 900 million users appear to have the largest user base of any social media platform. Of the platforms analyzed Stumble Upon had the smallest user base with approximately 10 million users. By investing in developing a strong presence on the larger social media platforms companies have an opportunity to build a massive marketing reach and target specific consumer demographics. Well managed social media accounts on these platforms lead to new customers and help to increase sales.

Social Media Platform Demographics

Demographic data must also be taken into consideration when selecting social media platforms. If you company  is looking to target the youth-adolescent segment, the best bet would be to invest marketing resources into Reddit or Google+. Approximately 30% of their users are in this age group. Gender, education and income are three other factors to consider when selecting social media platforms by demographic characteristics.

When selecting social media platforms it is critical to do you homework to determine the right platforms to ensure the best results possible. What social media platforms does your company focus on and why?

Social Media Platform Infographic

Infographic Courtesy of InfoGraphics.SG

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