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The Science Behind Timing Your Blog Posts — Infographic

Web traffic fluctuates throughout the day. In this infographic, you’ll learn the most optimal time for you to publish your new posts or articles in order to maximize exposure.¬†You’ll also learn how blog traffic changes throughout the week, and what days and times are best for publishing new posts.

Keep in mind that this infographic presents averages, and that each market and niche is different. By monitoring your blog’s analytics, you should be able to determine the busiest times and adjust your blogging strategy accordingly.

How do you try to time your blog posts and tweets? Do you target peak times, or do you try to avoid the noise?

Social Media timing Science Infographic

Infographic courtesy of Kiss Metrics.

Author: Matt Fields

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I have been bootstrapping and investing in web/mobile startups for the last 7+ years. During this time I've done it all. I've built and led teams, driven sales, marketing, social media, product development, project management, and web development. View Profile

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