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The Evolution of Gmail

Gmail has become one of the fastest growing email clients since its initial launch in 2004. 9 years later it is one of the leading providers of free webmail services for both personal customers as well as corporate clients. Gmail’s rapid success can be attributed to the vast range of innovations the product has successfully implemented over the years. Some of Gmail’s key achievements and technical advancements are highlighted below:

In 2004, Gmail launched with an initial storage space of 1GB (which in itself was a massive improvement over other email providers at that time).  By 2012, Gmail had increased 10x to 10GB. At this rate of expansion Gmail we soon reach 50-100 GB of storage space within the next decade or so.

In May 2006, Gmail had support for 40 languages. By November 19, 2012 Gmail had increased the number of supported languages to 47.

On November 11, 2008, Gmail launched one-on-one video chatting capabilities. This was the first an email service allowed users to video chat right from their email inbox. By 2012, Google launched a hangout app via Google+ which allowed free video chat with up to 10 people at the same time.

Originally launched as a web only email client, Google has expanded to include mobile email apps for Android and iOS. Google has also expand its services and integrated them with Gmail. These include mapping apps (Google Maps), Social Networking (Orkut and Google+), and many others.

The continued innovation provided by Gmail with new features and integration with other Google products looks to continue to fuel the growth of the email client as one of the leading solutions for web and mobile.


Evolution of Gmail Infographic


Author: Syed Usman Hussain

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