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The Social Gaming Industry

Popular social media platforms have brought about many new innovations in the gaming industry. One recent trend that has emerged from this is the meteoric rise in social gaming. Dominated by companies like Zynga, Wooga and Social Point, this unconventional gaming activity has fast become a multi-billion dollar industry. recently compiled data from various source to produce the below infographic highlighting some of the key trends in social gaming industry.

Social Gaming Demographics

Traditional gaming avenues tend to be saturated by male players. This is not the case with social gaming where females have gained a significant lead over their male counterparts. According to the study 54% of social gamers are female and only 46% are male.  It is interesting to note that older age groups 36-45 and 45+ constitute the largest age demographics of the social gaming industry.

Growth of Social Gaming

It is projected that the market share of social gaming in 2014 will be almost twice as large as it was 2011. In 2011, social gaming had 4.94 billion users and in 2014 it is expect to reach 8.64 billion. The results also show that most of the revenue in the social gaming sector is generated through the sale of virtual goods accounting for 59.6% of revenue while and advertising only generated 20.5%. By 2015 the social gaming market in the United States is expected to reach $5 billion.

Top Social Game Developers

Zynga, makers of Texas Hold’EM and Farmville, have the highest number of active users 213,557,360 closely followed by King 99,457,975. Pop Cap has the lowest number of users in the study but still has a large user base of 14,979,962.  Candy Crush Saga with 36,755,272 monthly active users and Farmville 2 with 35,399,969 monthly active users are the most frequently played social games. These figures are expected to increase exponentially over the next few years.

The social gaming industry is poised to become one of the most competitive segments in the gaming industry. It is possible that it in the near future it will overcome the console and PC gaming industry in terms of revenue and number of users.

Social Gaming Industry Infographic

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Author: Syed Usman Hussain

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