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Rand Fishkin On Why SEOs Can’t Be Just SEOs

In this edition of Whiteboard Friday, SEOMoz’s Rand Fishkin shares his thoughts on why you can’t just be an SEO anymore. With changes in how sites are ranked over the last few years many areas traditionally outside of the realm of SEO including social media, branding, and design are now integral component of any effort to improve search engine ranking.

Despite the fact that SEO is now a truly integrated practice that involves all aspects of online marketing the perception of many executives and managers is still based on the days when SEO just meant link building. As a result, when approaching SEO their is a tendency to silo or confine team members and consultants responsible for improving search engine ranking from other aspects of online marketing and branding.

To help combat this trend, Rand proposes that a reframing of SEO or a change in how search engine optimization experts present themselves and their services might be advisable. He suggests that doing so can help to unlock the true potential of an organizations online marketing efforts while also improving SEO professionals access to marketing budgets.

Author: Matt Fields

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