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Occupy Wall Street's Tech Ops Reorganizing Online

Occupy Wall Street’s technology contingent have dedicated themselves to reorganizing the movement on the Internet in recent weeks, in part to combat the splintering of its public presence across New York City. “It’s interconnected, but there’s just no center anymore,” said Drew Hornbein, web expert and member of the movement’s Tech Ops working group. On the…

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Trolling, Cyberbullying and the First Amendment


By most definitions, ‘trolls’ are different from ‘cyberbullies’. A troll has come to mean anyone who anonymously leaves crude, derisive or sarcastic commentary within an online public forum. ‘Trolling’ is universally frowned upon, but for the most part, the practice is legally protected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Unlike trolling, which typically…

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Occupy Wall Street — Yesterday and Today

With a Facebook following of over 375 thousand, and multiple Twitter accounts with well over 100 thousand followers, Occupy Wall Street has certainly established itself in the social media realm. One of the most important elements in staging a successful social media movement, however, is maintaining a physical presence, and Occupy Wall Street’s success in this realm…

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Joe Biden's Bad Lip Reading (Humor)

Last week we expressed how excited we were about the upcoming election season by sharing a Bad Lip Reading of Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney. Today, we’re pleased to announce that the BLR crew is back after a two-month hiatus, giving Vice President Joe Biden the treatment. This, of course, isn’t the vice president’s first…

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Lede Writing for the Citizen Journalist

Writing Lede Pyramid

Your news story’s lede is its first sentence (or paragraph), which succinctly tells readers what your story is about while piquing their interest enough to get them to read further into the story. As traditional news stories are written in the inverted pyramid format, you’ll want to cover all of the major points of the…

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Forbes' Rudest Nations for Travelers — and Why They're Wrong (Pt. 2)

Rude - France - Featured

Last Monday, we explored the fifth (China) and fourth (Germany) entries in Skyscanner’s recent survey, “The World’s Rudest Nations for Travelers.” This week, we’ll conclude with the three rudest countries, as ranked by Skyscanner voters. 3. United Kingdom  Though the British are traditionally depicted as polite — sometimes to a comical degree — the United Kingdom…