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Google & edX Create A YouTube for Learnings

Google Presentation

Google and edX announced the launch of a new, open source online learning platform called How will it disrupt the education industry?   Albert Einstein once stated: Learning is experience. Everything else is just information. Well, I guess that the distribution of education is about to change forever. Can you imagine a YouTube platform for learning? Professors doing their live…

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11 Case Studies That Prove ROI of LinkedIn For Your Companies


If lead generation and conversion are important to your business, you should know LinkedIn has the highest rate of any social network – 3X higher than Facebook and Twitter.   Did you also know? 80% of LinkedIn’s revenue comes from brands, corporations and businesses (Social Media Examiner) 81% of LinkedIn users belong to LinkedIn Groups (HubSpot) 83%…

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Twitter Purchases Mobile Ad Exchange MoPub Prior to IPO

Twitter Mobile

Twitter purchased MoPub, a startup that specializes on mobile ad exchanges. According to TechCrunch, the estimated worth of the purchase is around 350 million dollars. According to Kevin Weil, vice president for product and revenue at Twitter, “MoPub’s technology lets mobile application publishers manage their inventory and optimize multiple sources of advertising – direct ads,…

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Digital Disruption: Who’s In Charge of the Transformation?

Digital Transformation

If you’re a CEO and you’re not terrified at the possibility of digital disruption, you haven’t been paying attention. And if you’re not directly and actively involved in the formulation of digital strategies for your business, you’re not doing enough to combat disruption and embrace positive, inside-out transformation. You may also soon find yourself a…

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Agency Teams of the Future

Digital marketing agencies have changed dramatically during my career. To grow and thrive in a changing environment the best agencies have — in one way or another — reinvented themselves every few years. Agencies innovate because what gets you to the top of the agency marketing landscape will not keep you there. The changes happening…