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Thoughts on Twitter Conversations Update

Twitter Conversations

Twitter recently introduced an update to make it easier to identify and follow conversations “in stream” linking related tweets by a blue line and placing the tweets in chronological order (first tweet on top). We are used to the reverse chronological nature of social streams but, to follow a thread effectively, it needs to emulate…

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Twitter Hashtag Infographic Fail

Twitter Hashtag Infographic

Twitter launched this infographic on August 21, 2013. Mashable and other sites spread it the following day. It’s everywhere. And, it’s a failure. Who spends so much time creating a hashtag? Do corporate boardroom sessions dedicate time to review these flowchart actions? Let me simplify this monstrosity of a flowchart: Create your own hashtag if it doesn’t exist…

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From Customer to Brand Advocate

Brand Advocates

Turn Customers into Advocates Humans are social creatures, and as such, we are far more likely to read books, watch movies or visit restaurants recommended by someone close to us than we are to stumble across them on our own. Some people go so far as to seek out the opinions of their friends before…

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5 Facebook No-Nos That Cost You Customers

Social Sentiment

There was a time when businesses had two choices for advertising: a daily newspaper or a local television station. Those days are long gone. Scott Hancock, a social media manager at Marketing Plus, says small businesses these days must have digital prowess, especially when it comes to social media. “Businesses need to go where their customers are,…

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Twitter’s Vine Reaches 40 Million Users, Despite Instagram

Vine vs Twitter

Regardless the competition from Instagram by Facebook, Twitter’s 6-second video app Vine grows to 40 million users. Get more facts and figures here.   Only 7 months after Twitter released Vine with a false start, the service for shooting and sharing 6-second looped videos has racked up 40 million registered users. In this story I will share some relevant facts and figures…