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LinkedIn Marketing: Promoting Business & Personal Brand

Although LinkedIn’s main purpose is for professional networking, it also serve as a virtual resume. Did you know that if you do a Google search on your name, your LinkedIn profile is usually among the top ten results?

Here are a few tips to help you take advantage of LinkedIn to promote your business and personal brand:

LinkedIn Profile and Blog

A blog a great way to promote yourself and your business. If you have a blog, make sure to including your blog”s rss feed on your LinkedIn profile. This will help attract readers and can lead to new clients. Make sure to also add a link directly to your blog on your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Events

By creating a public event on LinkedIn, it will show up on your profile. Your clients will be aware of it, and you can even invite people in your LinkedIn network.

LinkedIn Profile SEO

When creating your LinkedIn profile make sure to include keyword phrases that are relevant to your skills and services. When someone searches LinkedIn using those keywords, your profile will be more likely to be shown in the results.

Get Recommendations

One of the best features of LinkedIn is recommendations. Recommendations show up on your profile and are publicly visible. Getting recommendations is easy, just ask people in your network that you’ve worked with for a recommendation.

Creating LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

For as little as $50 you can create an ad campaign on LinkedIn to promote your business. There are several options to choose from depending on the type of ad and how long you want it to run.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are a great way to network with like-minded peers. LinkedIn Groups can lead to new job opportunities and substantive conversations with professionals in your industry.

You can join existing groups, depending on your niche, or create your own. Once you’ve joined or created a group, you should try to check in at least once or twice a week and participate in discussions when possible.

The Value of LinkedIn

Getting started with LinkedIn can seem daunting and tedious. However, taking the time to build out your profile and dedicating time to participate in LinkedIn Groups every week can be incredibly helpful for growing your professional networking and connecting with new clients.

Author: Matt Fields

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